Traci Ethridge

Traci Michelle is an inspiring author, leader and speaker. She has always had a desire for connecting with others through writing and her heartfelt, relatable approach shines through in her published work. Having experienced the tragedy of losing her mother at an early age, Traci Michelle looked to writing as her outlet. Now decades later, the world gets to experience her talents and creativity.

Traci is an accomplished communications professional, holding various leadership positions that empowered her to build and impact teams in a positive way. She has extensive experience working with nonprofits and local government agencies. Her career in public service only adds to her unique and diverse perspective.

Being able to reach people through her books and inspire them is a true passion for Traci. Her book, Such A Time As This, takes readers through a journey of trials, triumph and enlightenment. It is a testament to her nature of being reflective and confidence in knowing that there is a divine plan for her life. As an avid traveler, Traci sees inspiration all around her and is always reminded to dream big.

Traci holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in communication and resides in Charlotte, NC.

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