Such a Time as This
Reflections of the Journey Toward My Destiny

Traci Michelle Ethridge takes readers through a heartfelt and relatable journey of spiritual growth. Her experiences of trials, triumph and enlightenment showcase how the path to your destiny strengthens your relationship with God and prepares you for your purpose.

The chapters in this book are fittingly called reflections because it is important to observe the lessons that God teaches us in every situation. Traci explores the many emotions that go along with the tests of life but prompts us to keep our focus on the ultimate source - God. There is truly something for everyone and you will quickly find yourself connected to her powerful words.

This book is the perfect display of inspiration, faith and hope. It is a reminder that there is a divine plan for your life and God is with you every step of the way of your journey toward your destiny.


What Readers Are Saying...♥

"Traci has blessed us with a rich and authentic narrative of her personal journey toward her God-given destiny. Successfully merging the elements of a memoir, devotional, prayer book and testimonial, she inspires genuineness in her reflections of a broader and deeper revelation of God's love. Allow Traci's book to stimulate a renewed desire to embrace all that God is doing as He transforms us daily to walk fully in our destiny." ~Renee Hill Carter, Award-winning Author

"I’m growing stronger in Christ each day. This book is one of the supplemental materials that I’m using to draw closer to God. I lost my mom in 2019. The nuggets in Such A Time As This would have truly helped lift my spirit. Regardless, it’s in time right now because we’re always going through something. It’s honest, personal and part of what we all go through. I especially loved how she defined knowing you’re on the right track to knowing Him and the phrase “We see pain, God sees purpose”. Encouraging, Inspirational. Read it. You’ll be better for it. " ~ Gwenarda Miller



Such a Time as This - journal edition coming soon